Boning Up

Boning Up was a quick and sexy read from Summer Alan.

I thought Brock’s technique to tutor Carly was extremely daring and sexy, and I may have had more of interest in science as a scholar if I got to study that way.

No spoiler intended, but I liked how Carly and Brock stuck it to their jerk of a professor. I had many pompous professors and I wish I could’ve stuck it to them. I was cheering for them at the end.

My only complaint is I wished Boning Up was a longer read, but if you’re looking for a sexy short contemporary and a crash course in anatomy then Boning Up is for you.

Book Blurb for Boning Up

 Length: 54 pages

School days. There's nothing like college for that perfect mix of freedom and pressure, and Carly Neal is becoming familiar with both of those things, thanks to her anatomy tutor, Brock!

Brock has to tutor Carly to success, or neither of them will get what they want from the professor. Trouble is, can they keep their hands on the books and off each other long enough to pull it off? Carly discovers just how much fun it is to learn anatomy... when sexy Brock tutors in his very own, intimate way.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00