Lord and Master

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Lord and Master

Mark gets a new job as research assistant and PA to Stephen, an older, more powerful man. Both of them are gay, and it amuses them to watch everyone wondering 'are they or aren't they?' But when they cannot resist turning the pretense into reality, how will that affect their reputations and careers?

For a book dealing with a relationship with an unequal power dynamic, in an office setting where everyone is gossiping over whether the Boss is doing his PA, this is a remarkably gentle and conflict-free book. I think that is its major drawback - very little seems to threaten this relationship, and the few things that do can be solved by a chat over a cup of tea. So there is a fair amount of chatting, a lot of sex, not much tension and on the whole a pleasant, undemanding read, but one that I was getting slightly bored with by the end.

Book Blurb for Lord and Master

Genre: Yaoi Erotic Contemporary

Length: Novel

When Mark's PhD supervisor sent him for a job interview with an old university friend, he didn't mention that the friend was devastatingly handsome. He also neglected to mention to either that the other is gay.

Steven was just looking for a young scientist to train as a PA to help him run his technology company. No extra services required. But watching other people react to a young, pretty man playing secretary to an openly gay CEO amused them both. Watching people wonder if they were having an affair was an entertaining game.

But when the game became real and caught them both up, Mark was left wondering... how real? Because he's the one PA in the building who can't marry the boss.

Publisher's Note: Lord and Master is a homoerotic love story. As such it depicts sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers: male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.00