Coyote Rain

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Coyote Rain

Jared Todd has come to help his father with the ranch. The last thing he needs is a relationship, as his father does not know he is gay, and would not approve. But when he is bitten by a strangely intelligent coyote, and begins having erotic dreams about a shape-shifting coyote man, it seems he will not be able to keep his heart a secret for long.

This was a very nicely written short book, in which the connection between Jared and Adam (the leader of the coyote pack) is palpably felt. The sex scenes are emotionally engaging and as a result also extremely hot. It is a little hard to believe that Jared would recognize the partner of his dreams in coyote form but would fail to recognize him in human form, and the final confrontation with Jared's father is a bit of an anticlimax, but the charm of the writing and the meltingly intimate love scenes make up for it.

Book Blurb for Coyote Rain

Jared Todd has come home — back to small-town Roscoe, Colorado — to help out with the family ranch. He wasn't looking for a relationship, not with a father who wouldn't understand and neighbors who gossiped too much. He certainly didn't plan to end up mated to the coyote-man from his erotic dreams. He had no idea the man was real. Or that his name is Adam and they've already met.

"Adam" is a coyote shape-shifter and Protector of the local pack. When he's shot by Jared's father, the two men discover the truth of their connection.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.50