Black Leather Rose

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Black Leather Rose

Contemporary M/M

Burned by a year of living in a bad flat-share, with a homophobic landlord and no privacy, all John wants out of his new flat is peace. OK, so a fling with his handsome new landlord Charles would be good too, but John is too afraid he'll be condemned for his specialized tastes even by openly bi Charles to take the risk. Fortunately, Charles has other ideas.

This is a beautifully written short fic, full of emotional realism and deft observation, which lifts it well out of the common run. John's fear of rejection is so palpable and creates such an instant bond with the reader that Charles comes across as a white knight, but never too good to be true. In a way, it's Charles' strength that enables him to be the submissive but equal partner that John needs.

I admit I never thought a story labeled as BSDM or d/s could be so charming or so romantic, but this one leaves me with a big soppy smile on my face. It's lovely!

Book Blurb for Black Leather Rose

Genre: LGBT Erotic Contemporary

Length: Fling

John just wants a little privacy. He finds it in a shared house with flatmates who are friendly without being intrusive; people who don't pry into his personal things or his personal life. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the landlord is an attractive man who doesn't assume that attraction means an automatic invitation.

He's a dom with a bad history of relationships going sour because of his needs, so he's in no hurry to expose his private desires. He'd rather just enjoy the view. Lucky for him, his landlord Charles has a liking for mysterious parcels, and he's got the patience to wait to find the rose behind the thorns.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable:. Homoerotic sex (m/m).

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50