Takes the Cake

I really wanted to love this book but the hero left me lukewarm, which completely curbed my enthusiasm for Takes the Cake. The plot is pretty straightforward. Keegan and Liz were once in a relationship that ended badly. They are reunited at the wedding of Keegan’s sister where Liz is the caterer. Over the course of the next few days Keegan and Liz argue over every single thing about the wedding, and have sex. He constantly second guesses her choices for the wedding and she pushes back on his harassment. You know how the story ends.

My main issue with the story itself is that it is not balanced, the author has the erotic part down but the romance fell flat. The hero is a one dimensional, an arrogant and petty jerk who does his best to ruin the wedding. He does not respect either his sister or Liz enough to treat them like grown women who can make their own decisions. I also felt the subplot with the sister and her fiancée took away from the protagonists. I appreciated the inclusion of friends & family as it adds to the atmosphere, but the time the author spent trying to weave the sister and her drama into the story could have been spent on the main couple talking to one another and figuring out why they broke up in the first place, and more importantly, why they should get back together.

There are things to like about the story. I did like Liz, and the pacing, and the food descriptions, and the world building. Liz was a well developed character who is smart, delightful, and had great energy. I felt she was too good for him. Also, the sex scenes were plentiful and fun to read.

I believe that Lynn Chantale is actually a talented writer and the story is worth reading. My dislike of Keegan aside, I still recommend it for a light read between longer stories. I actually look forward to reading her other books.

Book Blurb for Takes the Cake

Liz Arnold can’t believe her good fortune when she’s asked to cater one of the biggest and most prestigious weddings of the year. Not only is the location perfect, but working with the bride is a dream. But her dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when the bride’s brother Keegan keeps pushing to change the cake. Yet whenever she’s in his presence all she can think about is being skin-to-skin.

Keegan Murphy is determined to make his sister’s wedding the talk of the town, but that can’t happen with a plain and unimaginative cake. He doesn’t anticipate the instant attraction he has for Liz, but he has no problem seeking out every opportunity to seduce her.

Liz’s not there for pleasure; she has a wedding to save. But will salvaging the wedding cost her a relationship she shouldn’t have started in the first place?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 3.50