Sweeter Than This

Elle has just discovered that her father is a drug dealer. But not just any other drug dealer, he was Montgomery “Monty” Kearns and he was one the most notorious drug lords in town, who has also just died under mysterious circumstances. As the revelation of this secret seems to be overwhelming her life, Officer Elisha ‘Elle’ Taylor struggles to not only deal with her emotions and possible career set back, but also her ever present attraction to her father’s second in command, Durant Kane. Elle slept with Durant over a year ago, and is still as fired up about him as she was during that elicit night. Elle is a talented cop, who is working hard to put criminals like her deceased father and Durant out of business. You cannot really do that when you are morally and sexually conflicted about your new love interest.

Elle not only has to deal with the conflict between her work life and her personal life, she is dealt another blow: she has a younger sister that she never knew about. And this sister is angry; so angry with Elle and her family that she wants nothing more than to destroy everyone that Elle cares about. As the story unfolds, Elle has to quickly investigate her father’s murder and whomever is stalking her and her mother. I thoroughly enjoyed how well the author was able to balance the action with the emotional scenes. She was able to put in many lively descriptions without losing pace with the plot. I also loved the interactions between Durant and Elle. I applaud the author for being able to convince me in such a short about of time that her protagonists belong together. The dialogue between the two is engaging and sexy as were the sex scenes.

I really enjoyed reading Sweeter Than This as the plot is a highly entertaining mixture of suspense, romance, and action. My one gripe with the story is Elle's reaction to Durant toward the end. While I can understand why she was hurt, it felt like she was overreacting given what we later learn about Durant’s past. As a cop, you would think that she would understand why he did what he did. Other than that, I really liked the book and am looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Book Blurb for Sweeter Than This

With her best friend murdered, the man believed to be partly responsible under the nose of her gun and a stranger looming in the shadows out for blood, Officer Elle Taylor is running out of time and people to trust. Will Elle risk crossing the line between attraction and revenge to take help from an unexpected source, before the murderer strikes again and leaves her life in flames?

Durant Kane is no stranger to trouble, especially the kind that comes with a gun trained on his face and an angry woman attached. But Elle's something different, something unexpected and sweeter. He never could have imagined coming to feel so deeply about her, even if his own disastrous path in relationships hadn't left him so wary. But he'll have to take the risk if he doesn't want to lose the woman he's come to realize he can't even think of living without.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50