Exposing Ellen

For the few people that do not know about the 1Night stand series: it is a collection of stories featuring couples who are set up on blind meetings. What starts out as a simple erotic night can sometimes turn into a lifetime of fun for each couple involved. Do whatever you can to read every last story in this series. You will not regret it. I suggest you start with Skylar Kade’s Exposing Ellen.

The dynamic between Ellen and Aimee is not to be missed. What I loved the most about the story is that it does not just rely on the sex, Ms. Kade in such short amount of time was able to create characters that you care about. Ellen fairly drips with sexual naiveté and Aimee’s cynical attitude work in perfect counterbalance with one another. The descriptions of her character’s bodies and emotions are so rich and full of detail that you are compelled to keep reading. The pace of the story is comfortably set; they have an instant sexual attraction that is allowed to grow into a believable romance by the end of the story.

Parts of the story are really sweet and others are spicy, but every bit of it is entertaining and worth your time. I recommend Exposing Ellen for those who are looking for a short story filled with hot sex and interesting characters, this is one of the best I’ve read so far.

Book Blurb for Exposing Ellen

Ellen Porter is a stranger to the single life--as much a stranger as she is to facing her same-sex desires. The recent divorcee, desperate to prove that her attraction to women is just a phase, enlists the help of Madame Eve for one night of “getting it out of her system.”

Aimee Tran has had enough of the Los Angeles bar-hopping scene. In pursuit of a genuine romantic connection, she discovers Madame Eve and decides that maybe, just maybe, a one-night stand will tide her over until she finds The One.

Neither woman expects lust to burn down their preconceived notions—or to crave more than one desperate tryst.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50