Cheek to Cheek

Cheek to Cheek is an unmitigated success in showcasing a couple meeting and falling in love. Paige Bennett has written one of the most pleasing erotic romances that I have read in a while. While the story is short, the main characters and story are so engaging and well-developed that the only thing you will complain about is the length- the story leaves you wanting more from these two. Communication, or the lack there of, is the main conflict between the two lovers. This is not an original plot but what makes this story so absorbing is the witty and charming way that their friends help the couple work their way towards each other. Cheek to Cheek is a perfectly lovely and gratifying read that will leave you in a much better mood after you finish reading the novella.

As the days countdown to his sister’s wedding, Jared Whitman, unbeknownst to him has been enrolled into a ballroom dancing class. He is taking the place of his deceased father in walking his sister down the aisle and sharing the first dance with her as a new bride. While he is not thrilled in the slightest, he is willing to do anything to make his sister’s wedding day perfect. But when he steps into Diandra Davis’ dance studio and lays eyes on her he is instantly attracted to her. What was originally his worst nightmare has turned into a day wet dream come true.

Diandra Davis started her dance studio in hopes to teach everyone who enters her studio to love dancing as much as she does. As she is leading her latest class she looks across the room and sees Jared wander in and she immediately shares the instant attraction that Jared experiences. They don’t each other well but find that after a cup of coffee and even more awkward conversation they desperately want to know more. But will the misunderstandings and assumptions that derived from that all too brief conversation keep them out of each other’s orbit?

Book Blurb for Cheek to Cheek

Single high school coach Jared Whitman is horrified when his little sister insists that he take ballroom dance lessons in preparation for her upcoming wedding. Diandra Davis loves teaching ballroom but it can't fill all the lonely corners of her life. When the two meet the attraction is instantaneous, the heat palpable, but a big misunderstanding threatens to keep them apart. 44 pages

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50