Touching Ghost

SEALs On Fire

Touching Ghost is a heartwarming book about two friends falling in love. I wish the story was longer so that I could have found out how their relationship worked out. This is a story in the SEALs On Fire series, so hopefully in future books we will get a bit more about Ramsey and Sadie.

Regina Carlysle’s writing was emotional and drug me into the lives of her characters. Touching Ghost involves two friends reconnecting and giving their love a chance. The sex was just enough. Readers are going to be lusting after a hot sexy alpha male.

Ramsey needed someone to take over and be in control for a change. Normally he is the one in charge.

Sadie is a spitfire and tells you exactly how it is going to be. She is determined to go for her chance at the only man she has truly loved…even if it is for a few days of happiness. Sadie had been in love with Ramsey since she was a child. He crawled into her bedroom window to get away from his abusive father. Sadie is the one person who knows the real man. In his line of work he is known as Ghost, a special forces the Seals. He feel in love with her as a child. He has always thought of her when things got bad or to make it through a mission. Sadie grew up and became a doctor. Her mission is to help save the world in a different way than he has. She feels safe knowing that he is helping get the bad people of the world taken care of. He gets a few days off of recon and meets up with Sadie in Key West, just to reconnect with each other. Sadie is determined to tell him how she feels. He gives into Sadie and tells her this is just for now and then everything has to go back to the way their friendship was. Can she convince him to change his mind? Will he be able to leave her behind and stay only as friends?

I will be looking for more by Regina Carlysle and this is on my re-read.

Book Blurb for Touching Ghost

SEAL Ren "Ghost" Ramsey never expected sparks to fly when he meets up with his childhood friend, Dr. Sadie Ballew while on leave in Key West. He's surprised to discover she's successful, sexy, and divorced. Sadie had always been too good for the likes of him, a son of an alcoholic and slated to become no better. He should keep her at arm's length, but he wants nothing more to burn up the sheets with the sassy lady she's become.

Sadie isn't fooled by the badassed, dangerous facade Ren wears like a second skin. She only sees the sweet yet conflicted boy she loved and lost all those years ago. Afraid to let him go off on another dangerous mission without knowing how she truly feels, Sadie needs to find the confidence to make the leap from friends to lovers.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00