Strike Out

Mustangs Baseball #6

Strike Out is a little different from the other Mustangs Baseball books. In this book we are trying to find out why Royce is having a hard time getting his groove back in pitching. In comes Dr. Trisha Reed. She’s a psychologist and trying a new experience on the players to see if they can find out why they are or aren't performing like they should.

Trish and Royce end up fighting the attraction between them. They both put their careers at risk. I liked Trisha, even though she was a little uptight and needed to let loose some. Royce was still hurting or feeling like he failed his ex-wife since his marriage didn't work out. He need to gain his confidence back.

I want to hear more about the Mustang players and I can't wait until the next book comes out.

Book Blurb for Strike Out

Royce “Strikeout” Stryker needs to get his game back before he’s out of the game altogether. From the moment he sees Dr. Tricia Reed, keeping his hands to himself becomes a problem, especially since part of the reason he’s been designated as a guinea pig for her research project is to gather information that might be used to shut her down. A computer program that could change baseball forever might be the ticket to his comeback—or could it be the sexy scientist running the project who holds the key to his future?

Tricia has staked everything she has—her money, her reputation and her future—on a computer program that, if proven, could change the lives of millions suffering from catastrophic injuries. Falling for the sexy pitcher she’s trying to help can only lead to disaster for both of them, but keeping a professional distance from Royce Stryker proves to be impossible. Could one indiscretion hold the answer to his problems and be the ruin of them both?

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 3.50