Super Powered, #1

I have just read Super Power: Stolen #1, by Sarah Makela. I have to say I'm personally not a fan of paranormal romance but decided to give this book a chance. I was really impressed, I will have to try to read more of these and expand my horizons.

This book is about a guy, Michael, who is a lawyer and Regina, a woman. They are both in the library when Michael runs into Regina, who is secretary by day and Dark Huntress by night. Michael knocks all the books out of her arms and then Regina gets a signal that she is needed for a robbery. She rushes off. Michael wants to get her name, but he is too late so he decides to follow her. He ends up following her to a bank. She gets there and realizes something is wrong and sees the people outside of the bank frozen. She goes in and hides behind anything that will shield her. Michael follows her and sees she needs help. He has superpowers to but is unsure how to control and use them. They get in a scramble and she hits him in the jaw and then he sends and electric bolt that knocks her down for a few minutes. She realizes he can help her so she takes him to the hide out since there is a helicopter overhead sending bullets flying. She is injured but makes it to the hideout to recover. They find out that the villains set of an explosion killing all the people in the bank.

Then of course there is a sex scene. In my opinion it was not steamy enough. They end up falling back asleep and there is another alarm that goes off. How will this duo turn out? Are these superheroes meant for each other?

This was a good book and it kept my attention. I was wondering what was going to happen next all the way through. I am now looking forward to reading more paranormal science fiction books now.

Book Blurb for Stolen

Regina Blake is a normal secretary until there's trouble -- then she becomes the Dark Huntress. Things are about to change when she meets a man whose electrifying power is a fine match to her own, and he's set on winning her heart. To top it off, there's a string of bank robberies which escalate into the high profile kidnapping of a famous actor.

Michael Flynn hadn't realized the extent of superhero and supervillain society. When he rushes to a bank to find it destroyed, he meets a black-latex-clad woman who makes his pulse race. As he's drawn deeper into her world, he finds himself intrigued and eager to have her.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.75