One Chance

This book was a good read. It’s about a girl, Jenna, who was just one of the guys. She’s been the best friend to Cade, since they were young kids. Jenna has hid her feelings of love from Cade for years and he never knew how she truly felt. Cade hid his feelings from Jenna never letting her know how much he cared about her.

Then Cade asks his girlfriend Kelley to marry him and invites Jenna to the bachelor party, but she won't go. After she thinks the party should be over she decides to give it a bold shot. She shows up in a see thru gown with stockings and a coat over them. She tells him he can't marry Kelley that she isn’t right for him. That she only wants his money and he would be miserable. That Kelley never gives him what he really wanted at home. She then moves on to seducing him.

This was a happily ever after story. The sex scenes could have been hotter and more exciting. But I do look forward to reading more books by Clarissa.

Book Blurb for One Chance

Shy tomboy, Jenna Faulkner has been in love her whole life-with her best friend. Except he's marrying the wrong woman, and he doesn't know it yet. But she's determined to save him.

Instead of the normal bachelor party, Jenna decides to throw a different type of gathering.with just her. Alone. Will Cade finally come to his senses and see Jenna for more than a friend or has she ruined their friendship, once and for all?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00