The Draig's Choice

Draig, #4

OMG This book is awesome. "The Draig's Choice" is a time travel romance that gets you totally wrapped up in history. This story just comes alive and the characters entice you into their world. Truly, just when you think things might slow down, something else happens and the story just picks up more power.

Sarah is sure everyone is crazy for a while but she quickly adapts to her new life. Laird Conall can’t catch a break. First, he’s ordered to marry a Campbell and then it comes out that his bride to be is pregnant with another’s child! His life continues with complications but Sarah is there is help/complicate them more.

This story has humor, history and romance. The background has Robert the Bruce fighting and visiting the Draig. I totally can’t say enough good things about this story.

There are several stories that include time travel and the Draig but this is a definite stand alone book. "The Draig's Choice" will have you wanting to know more or reread the previous books.

The Story: Sarah lives in Arizona with her rescue dog. She has just learned her twin sister is expecting twins! Suddenly a portal opens showing her a land she’s never seen before. When her dog jumps through it chasing a ball, Sarah follows only to learn that the portal is one way and she won’t be able to return home.

The Draig clan has had legends of time travel. Each time the traveler has done something for the clan. Laird Conall is sure that Sarah has been sent to be his wife except Robert of Bruce has already found him a wife. Sarah is sure that she hasn’t been sent to be anyone’s wife. Which will it be or will it be another woman the Laird marries?

Book Blurb for The Draig's Choice

Fate and love defy a king

Sarah leaps through a doorway to save her dog, never intending to change her life. Landing in 14th century Scotland has her facing life without her family, lost in time, and face to face with the most incredible Highlander, who shoots her in the arse with an arrow. Her skills as a psychologist and martial arts black belt become necessary to her survival, and allows her to aid the warrior who captures her heart despite his being ordered to marry another. Life as a time-traveler hasn’t turned out as dreamily as a romance novel. Fate has a nasty sense of humor.

Laird Conall of the Draig clan has heard the legends of travelers from the mythical land of Arizona his entire life. Commanded to marry another, he longs for Sarah, fantasizing that she has come for him. Time is short on his ancestral lands. Robert the Bruce waits for his sword arm to rejoin the fight. Fate and Sarah change the course of his life, much to his delight.

A love worthy of clan legends faces the ultimate challenge when the Bruce demands it must end.

A stand alone novel

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 5.00