Finders Keepers

Fairy Tales After Dark Book 2

Ms. Collins found my heart and pulled me into her story. She captured me until the end. I loved all her characters. She gave them each their own characteristics and they played off each over very well. As I read I thought to myself this could be a very good movie, but then again the books always turn out better than the movies.

Ms. Collins tells a story of a girl on the run from an evil wife beater. He tried to hurt her in every which way and then left her stabbed and bleeding out on the kitchen floor. Jayla Solonga got help into a new life with a new profile and hopefully some peace. That is before he catches up and she runs again. Will she ever find happiness and peace in her life? Will she ever see her father again? He helped her escape a madman of a husband and knew they wouldn't be able to communicate.

Jayla finds someone to trust and love, but she also needs to find herself first. Once she does that they can find what they need from each other. Alistair is the man who is there for her and makes her happy.

I highly recommend this book! "Finders Keepers" is one of those books where you hate to see the words, "The End!"

Book Blurb for Finders Keepers

A dangerous past…

Jayla Solonga is a woman on the run. Hiding for the better part of five years from her abusive ex, Jeffrey Alwazir, she’s moved from state to state, keeping watch over her shoulder, never settling down for long. She’s transformed herself from the shy, fearful girl, into a strong, resourceful woman—one who feels safer shutting out the rest of the world. That is, until a handsome stranger crashes his way into her life.

With a hope for the future…

Alistair Kane is a master at reading others. It’s what makes his security company so successful—the ability to determine a dangerous situation before it happens. It’s also what makes him one of the most sought after Doms in The Cave of Wonders, a BDSM club he’s belonged to for years. When Alistair meets Jayla, he’s immediately infatuated with the mysterious woman. Her quick wit and sassy attitude instantly register the truth for him—she’s a natural, bratty submissive. A thought which has his blood—and other areas—heating.

Until her time runs out…

Alistair’s firm yet gentle approach is what allows Jayla to tear down her emotional walls, discovering a whole new world through bondage and submission. Desire, pleasure, control…love—emotions Jayla feared she’d never experience again. Now, she’s more determined than ever not to let her past dictate her future. The only thing holding her back is the truth she’s hiding from Alistair: Jeffrey isn’t an ex—he’s her husband. One who will stop at nothing to find her. To own her.

To break her.

Finding Keepers is a 95,000-word contemporary erotic romance filled with danger, desire, and a whole lotta heat. If you love sizzling sex scenes, a bit of bondage, and darker romances with a happily ever after, then you’ll love what’s found between the pages of Finders Keepers.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 5.00