Crimson Sunsets

Beautiful People Book 2

"Crimson Sunsets" is a story about a woman that thought her life was just like it was supposed to be. After catching her cheating husband she is determined not to take him back. She decides to move out of state to be near her brother. What she finds is a life she never thought was even there for her. Through some ups and downs she finds a man that she never dreamed she could ever have.

Ms. Hightower draws you into a world of two people and their steamy hot love life. I do wish there was a scene of the wedding and first birth reactions of the couple. Towards the end it seemed a little hurried through. I loved Lacee Hightower's characters and her love scenes. Plus her descriptions are like you are there.

Book Blurb for Crimson Sunsets

“I won’t be making love to you. I won’t be slow or sweet.”

“I never asked for either."

Not one to be controlled by a woman, Hartley turns me to jelly. One look from her and I’m a goner. She makes me want to rethink my life.

Then I learn her true identity and my haunted past catches up with me.

Can I forgive her? Can she forgive me?

We both have the power to destroy each other.

But every so often, fate offers a second chance. These second chances can be the very best … or the very worst.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.50