Finding the Jewel

Brides of the Kindred

A negative self-image plays a major part in this Kindred Tale. Both Tark and Chloe have issues instilled in them by others. Tark carries his damage from his childhood, but Chloe's is no less damaging. When the goddess sets them on a course via a prophecy, be assured the goddess is never wrong.

I liked the weaving of the "Alien Mate Index" series creepy salesmen into the story line as well as the few comments throughout the book that I found hysterical. As Tark begins his quest and stumbles across Chloe in her situation, the two begin an adventure that will reveal that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Both main characters were taken aback when things they didn't like about themselves were either attractive to or didn't register with the other. A person's insecurities are often magnified to the point of ridiculousness in their minds.

As with all Kindred books, the big encounter was saved until late in the book and a lot of foreplay was sneakily inserted into the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the creepy monk and how he was handled, as well as the unerring loyalty that Tark showed to Chloe. The book was entertaining and flowed smoothly for me. I always look forward to the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Finding the Jewel

This is a Kindred Tales PLUS novel--95,000 words

A warrior has a choice to make:

Rescue the woman he loves

Or complete a quest to heal himself

Which will he choose?

You’ll have to read Finding the Jewel to find out

Chloe Deems is a plus sized girl with pink hair and an attitude –she owns her curves. Which is one reason she’s so upset when she gets abducted by aliens and forced to live in a Smart House designed to make her lose weight. She has to weigh in every day and the smart-aleck talking scale decides what she’s allowed to eat which is always lettuce and celery and never the delicious Thin Mints she can see peering tantalizingly out from behind the unbreakable glass cupboard in the kitchen. To Chloe, it seems like things just can’t get any worse…until a prospective buyer comes to look her over.

Tark is a Beast Kindred who has been on the outside looking in his whole life. A debilitating stutter has kept him from finding a mate or settling down. Finally he gets a prophesy from a priestess telling him to seek for an elusive jewel which can cure his voice and Tark knows just where to look for it—in the house where Chloe is being held prisoner. But instead of the jewel, he finds a feisty, gorgeous plus-sized girl who’s ready to fight for her life. He agrees to rescue her if she’ll help him look in the only other place the jewel might be—the Resort of Resonant Oneness, located deep underground on a planet that straddles the lines between dimensions.

Chloe agrees to help the big Kindred out in return for her freedom but she doesn’t know that the resort they are traveling to has some distinctly erotic ideas about “oneness.” Now she and the huge Beast Kindred are stuck doing some incredible embarrassing and intimate exercises that make even the brash Chloe blush. Still, she and Tark seem to be growing closer…until a monster from her past kidnaps Chloe.

Tark is given a choice—between rescuing the woman he has come to love, or completing the task he set himself in the first place and regaining his voice.

Which will he choose?

You’ll have to read Finding the Jewel to find out

*Contains excerpts of CyBRG Files Book 2: Unit 78: Rescued as well as Brides of the Kindred book 22: Imprisoned

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.50