Bonded by Accident

Whoops! This is quite the whopper of a mistake. But if Slade and Brandi end up bonded, how could it be an accident??

The Goddess works in mysterious ways getting couples together that she deems perfect for one another. Both Slade and Brandi have reasons for avoiding the opposite sex but all bets are off when celibacy meets opportunity.

Brandi is in a hard spot when it comes to her life. Circumstances versus ability never balances out, and she and her daughter are essentially trapped in her childhood home. Were bad decisions made by Naomi? You bet they were, but she's providing for herself and her child. This is an unexpected wrinkle from her ill-advised hook up with a Kindred, but it is what it is. Now she has to deal with it.

Slade is a bit rough having been in prison for something he didn't do. When he tries to "relieve" himself of the drug he was given as punishment, he gets more than he bargained for but perhaps he got just what he needed.

Both characters were alternately annoying and endearing, depended on the circumstances. I could clearly see both sides but cringed at every wrong decision. Not the most engaging Kindred Tale but it definitely was unique and I did enjoy the lack of dark looming danger.

Book Blurb for Bonded by Accident

A hybrid warrior, born of both worlds, belonging to none

Seeking to end his sexual torment without breaking a vow

A girl from Earth with an itch to scratch

Looking for no-strings-attached sex

But when you make love with a Kindred, things get complicated

What are Brandi and Slade going to do now that they are…

Bonded by Accident?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.50