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  • Review: Untouchable Cutler, Sutter & Salinas { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    Jane Ann Krentz draws readers under her spell with this fascinating mystery. The surreal, grittiness pulled me in from the beginning and I immediately felt invested in what happened to Winter Meadows. Then when Jack Lancaster was introduced in such a...

  • Review: Evidence of Desire A Courting Justice Novel, #2 { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    Sports, law and family come together in this awesome mystery romance book. There is plenty of suspense as a murder is solved and a medical condition is explored. At times, the characters feel as if they are in over their heads but they never give up....

  • Review: To Free a Captured Heart Djinn Haven Book 3 { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    I’ve got to admit that I’m a big fan of R.L. Naquin. I loved Monster Haven and found it to be extremely creative. With that said, I couldn’t wait to read this spin off series. Several of the characters are from the previous series but this series feels...

  • Review: Out of Time The Lost Platoon { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    I truly enjoyed this latest book in The Lost Platoon series. At its heart this book was about second chances. I loved the angst and turmoil of Scott and Natalie's romance. A complex web of deception had them believing all was lost but then out of the...

  • Review: The Duke I Once Knew Unlikely Duchesses, #1 { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    Between the pages of "The Duke I Once Knew" is one of my favorite romance tropes. This is a second chance at love story. fifteen years have passed and Abigail has been taking care of her family... it seems forever. First it was her elderly parents and...

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The Demon Deliverance by Victoria Danann


Winner Scifi-Fantasy Novel of the Year! Reviewers Choice Awards, The Paranormal Roma...

Kindle Unlimited Selection

Fire in His Veins by Ruby Dixon

A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance

I’ve wanted Andrea since the moment I saw her.

But she’s human. I’m drakoni. The only way I’ll stay sane and not lose myself to the madness that...