9 1/2 Years

Lt. Lisa Zimmer was good at her job and everyone respected her at the Crimes Against Youth and Family Bureau of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Respect was hard to come by because she was a female with rank in a field dominated by males and their egos.
One guy that was really interested in Lisa and respected her a great deal was Officer Eric Duncan of the K9 division of the LVPD. Eric was single, sexy and extremely good looking. He asked Lisa out quite a few times over the past few years and she declined him every single time because of their 9 ½ year age difference. That didn’t stop Eric from still being interested in her though.
Now that Eric was turning thirty, he would finally be in his thirties just like Lisa was. Now she couldn’t find any excuse to decline a date from him because he was finally in the same decade that she was in.
Does Eric finally convince Lisa to go on a date with him? Was his age the only real reason holding her back from going out with Eric? Could a relationship really work out between these two?
Ms. Dragon wrote a story that was so steamy and entertaining you can’t help but fall in love with her story and her characters. I loved Lisa because she had come a long way through all the years she had committed to LVPD and had a good reputation with all her coworkers. She had insecurities with Eric because of their age difference, but still valued him as a good friend. I loved how Eric stood his ground to prove to Lisa that they could truly make a great couple and they both could be content and happy having a relationship together. Ms. Dragon did a wonderful job with this story and I would definitely recommend it to other readers to pick up. You won’t be disappointed.    

Book Blurb for 9 1/2 Years

K9 Officer Eric Duncan knows just when to pounce, whether it’s a criminal or the sexy Lt. Lisa Zimmer. For three years she’s brushed him off as too young. Her advice--date women in your own decade! But Eric has done his own detective work and for a few months they’ll both be in their thirties.

It takes skill and self-control to get her off in a public place, and Lisa discovers Eric has that, in spades, and she no longer doubts their chemistry. But she feels having a relationship with the younger officer just won't work.

When working together on a case proves the problems she feared are real, Eric must convince Lisa that they can have their careers and a passionate relationship. What’s nine and a half years when the sex is this good?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00